Provo Mayor Announces Voter Website Launch

Provo Mayor Announces Voter Website Launch

PROVO, Utah – The Provo City Mayors Office is getting a jump on the next election cycle.

Provo’s popular mayor John Curtis made an announcement on Twitter last week regarding the city’s 2017 elections – and no, he hasn’t changed his mind. He will not be running for re-election, but he does want to increase residents involvement in their local government.

“It’s so hard to find the information you need, I feel like, when it comes to voting. And so as easy as you can make it, that encourages more and more people to get out there and vote,” said Provo City Spokesperson Whitney Booth.

The mayors public relations officer said they plan to include videos of the candidates on the site. There will also be other interactive features to make is easy for citizens to get to know their candidates.

Currently there are three city council positions, and the mayors seat open for election. Candidate declaration will begin the first week of June.

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