Seven Peaks Fun Center to expand Lehi parking lot

Seven Peaks Fun Center to expand Lehi parking lot

LEHI, Utah – A gravel parking lot next to Seven Peaks Fun Center is a public safety concern according to Lehi locals, who said it’s a hot spot for nighttime drug deals.

Seven Peaks Fun Center in Lehi provides families, teens and college students with entertainment like arcade games and mini golf, but its gravel parking lot lacks lighting of any kind. Over the last several years, present and former owners of the Fun Center have taken their concerns about the extra parking lot’s safety to the city, but only recently did they put a plan into motion.

The plan involves expanding and paving the gravel parking lot. They will also add lighting and landscaping.

Lehi City Councilman Chris Condie said he can see how bad things could happen in the lot at night, and he believes the expansion will be beneficial to the community.

“It just shows that the applicant, the owner of Seven Peaks, (has) their interest in wanting to be a good resident, a good neighbor and a good member of the community in their efforts,” Condie said. “So I’m fairly positive that these changes will help a lot.”

Condie also said the expansion should help move parking off of nearby streets.

Officials at Seven Peaks said they are still discussing the budget, and there’s currently no official timing on the parking lot expansion.

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