Student athletes juggle sports, school

Student athletes juggle sports, school

PROVO, Utah – Brigham Young University freshman tennis player Sam Tullis enjoys playing tennis and working with his coach and teammates. However, his life as a student is more important than the sport.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association requires student athletes to keep a 2.0 GPA in order to compete, and BYU requires Tullis and other freshman athletes to study at east nine hours a week on campus. Between three-hour practices, classes, and matches that can last up to four hours, Tullis said he barely has time for a social life.

“The stuff I want to do kind of comes in second,” he said.

Aiden Carrazedo, a BYU tennis player graduating this year, said he has struggled with how other students see athletes.

“… A lot of people think they’re kind of a bit arrogant and stuck up and they get things handed to them, but I would argue and say we don’t. We do work with professors, but I can assure you we get nothing handed to us,” Carrazedo said.

He also said athletes just have to find the right balance between tennis and school.

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