Tattoo artist offers outline tattoos for self-harming individuals

Tattoo artist offers outline tattoos for self-harming individuals

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Will McCoy, a tattoo artist at Resolute Tattoos in in Salt Lake City, is using his talent to help others address their self harm issues.

McCoy has been tattooing for years, but he never expected his art could impact lives. It was not long ago, though, that a client told him her therapist suggested she color on herself rather than cut herself. The client suggested McCoy do self harm awareness tattoos for people who cut.

“I didnʻt even think of tattoos in that way, I just viewed it as an art form that I really loved,” McCoy said.

Now, McCoy tattoos a simple outline for people who consider cutting to instead color in with a marker.

“The ability to do a different image, over and over and over in different ways, just is a way of calming yourself down,” McCoy said.

McCoy has done several of the self harm tattoos and was scheduled for four more on the day he was interviewed.

McCoy and all the other artists at Resolute Tattoos offer these self harm awareness tattoos at one-third of their usual prices. McCoy also does tattoos to cover up self harm scars.

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