Utah Daylight Saving Legislation May Return

Utah Daylight Saving Legislation May Return

PROVO, Utah – Daylight saving time began on March 12, but in the near future, it’s possible Utahns will never have to change their clocks.

The Utah Legislature worked on a bill last year to end daylight saving in the state. The bill that would have put the issue on the 2018 ballot died in committee last year, but the issue is not gone – well over half  of 27,000 Utahns surveyed in 2014 said they want to join Arizona and stop observing daylight saving.

State representative Norm Thurston said some businesses worry they will suffer if there is one less hour of light at night, but the time change affects people both physically and mentally.

“When you take into account the productivity loss, and businesses suffering because their workers don’t come to work or they have to take time off, that offsets this sort-of, this gain that some other business might see from having more business,” he said.

Thurston said he or another member of Congress may try again in the future to get the issue back on the ballot.

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