VidAngel Pursuing New Ventures as Lawsuit Proceeds

VidAngel Pursuing New Ventures as Lawsuit Proceeds

PROVO, Utah – VidAngel offered hundreds of movies for on-demand streaming, and viewers could filter out content they did not want to see, but that came to a screeching halt last December.

VidAngel took down the films because of a court order in favor of the movie studios suing the company. VidAngel co-founder Jeffrey Harmon said this isn’t unique.

“I think it’s around 14 filtering companies, (and) every single one has been sued by Hollywood,” Harmon said.

Now VidAngel has marked all of its videos “unavailable,” and Harmon said it could be a long time before they’re back up.

“This a marathon, not a sprint, and so we are just buckled in for the long-term. We have the money to fight the battle, and the mission of the company is to ensure filtering exists in the digital age,” Harmon said.

Despite the current legal fight, VidAngel is not down for the count. Their latest business effort is at Dry Bar Comedy, a family-friendly comedy venue in downtown Provo. VidAngel brings comedians from around the country to perform.

Harmon knows clean is key.

“We’ve had comedy clubs Johnny B’s and Wiseguys both try to come to Provo before. And they both failed. And it’s because Provo’s a different type of audience,” he said.

VidAngel has also teamed up with a studio that’s producing the film “Tim Timmerman, Hope of America,” which hit theaters on March 3.  It’s going to be on VidAngel because the studios did not want it.

“They were told by one of the executives at one of the top studios… ‘I want the movie, but it’s too clean,'” Harmon said.

Harmon said the lawsuit may take years to resolve, but he believes they’ll win.

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