Who Runs BYU’s Campus Snapchat Story? It’s a Mystery

Who Runs BYU’s Campus Snapchat Story? It’s a Mystery

PROVO, Utah – How did video from the University of Utah get on the Brigham Young University Snapchat story?

The BYU Campus Story on Snapchat normally contains videos of BYU students, but videos from the University of Utah recently appeared on the BYU feed.

BYU students know that not all photos and videos they submit to the campus Snapchat story are selected, but they haven’t known who decides what makes the cut and what does not. BYU media relations and social media manger Jon McBride said he thinks Snapchat has employees who run it, but he has no clue.

“We have no say, we don’t know who that person is. We spent some time trying to find out who the person is. We thought if nothing else, like, let’s take them to lunch, let’s talk about strategy. You know, can we be involved, can we help?” McBride said.

Though BYU doesn’t know who manages their story, McBride said he thinks having rival students on the BYU story is appealing to Snapchat because it creates conversation and encourages students to use the app.

McBride said BYU has tried several times to reach out to Snapchat, but has received no response.

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