BYU racquetball team places in nationals

BYU racquetball team places in nationals

PROVO, Utah – The Brigham Young University racquetball team has placed fourth in nationals this year, with the women placing third and the men placing fifth.

“Historically it has been one of the best teams at BYU I don’t remember a time when we have been out of the top 5 in men’s women’s or combined and I have been with the team since the late 90’s,” said Head Coach Paul Snyder.

Senior Michael Goodman was a key player at nationals.

“We had a lot of fun at nationals we actually played really well I ended up getting 2nd in my division and I beat out 2 people that were ranked much higher than me,” Goodman said.

The racquetball season stretches six months from October to April. Snyder, however, said that the off-season is no time fore rest if they want to finish in the top five on a yearly basis.

For those who missed the opportunity to see the team in action, the team has posted footage on its YouTube channel byuracquetball.

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