Cannabis class weeds out misconceptions

Cannabis class weeds out misconceptions

PROVO, Utah – Marijuana may be a taboo subject in Utah, but one group is fighting to weed out its medical misconceptions.

“U Can: Understanding Cannabis” was held at the Provo City Library last night. Enedina Stanger, who helped teach the class, said she’s reclaimed her life through cannabis.

Stanger has a rare disease called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome which confined her to a wheelchair and gave her chronic, severe pain – then she tried medical cannabis. Stanger is now out of a wheelchair, and she even played soccer with her daughters for the first time last week.

“For me, that is what (cannabis) does,” Stanger said. “It gives me my ability to be a mom back. And it lets me watch them grow up every single day. And that’s why we fight for it and that’s why we do this. To save our families,” she said.

Stanger and her co-founder, Paul Hill, shared statistics, research, and more success stories at the meeting. They said the problem isn’t politics, but a lack of education. Their goal is to start conversations to dispel myths.

Their next class will be in St. George on the April 26. Medical marijuana is currently legal in 28 states, and the Utah legislature passed a bill last month to expand medical marijuana research.

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