Elizabeth Smart Kicks Off Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Elizabeth Smart Kicks Off Sexual Assault Awareness Month

PROVO, Utah – April is sexual assault awareness month, and Brigham Young University hosted Elizabeth Smart on March 31 to raise awareness.

Elizabeth Smart is the victim of one of the most publicized child abduction cases of all time. She spoke as an advocate for sexual assault prevention and shared a message of hope.

Smart shared her story in great detail, starting with her abduction at age 14.

“I could feel something. I remember hearing, ‘I have a knife at your neck. Don’t make a sound. Get up and come with me,'” Smart said. Police found her nine months later.

However, Smart’s speech wasn’t all shock and awe. She wove a handful of jokes into her story which were met by laughter from the audience, and people at the event said Smart’s faith inspired them.

“It was clear that her faith kept her going that entire time, that she never doubted, she never gave up, but she used that to support her,” said attendee Candace Brown.

Smart shared some additional stories as a reminder that life goes on after tragedy strikes. She also jokingly said her kidnapping was the hardest nine months of her life, but her current pregnancy comes in at a close second.

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