KBYU creates video for active shooter situation prep

KBYU creates video for active shooter situation prep

PROVO, Utah – KBYU has filmed a new video that teaches people how to react in an active shooter situation.

The website massshootingtracker.org has already reported 121 mass shootings in the U.S. this year. They count a mass shooting when a gunman shoots at least four people in a single incident.

“We thought that people should have some exposure to it,” said KBYU producer Mark Phillips. “Just so they would think about it. Going to work, ‘What would I do if something like that happened?'”

A 2014 report by the Police Executive Research Forum says it takes an average of three minutes for police to arrive on the scene of an active shooter situation – so for at least several minutes, people are on their own. The Department of Homeland Security says people should first evacuate the area, or hide if there’s not an opportunity to run. If it’s not possible to run or hide, the next option is fighting. In an office setting, everyday items such as a power strip or three hole punch can be used as weapons to attack a gunmen, and potentially save lives.

Utah has not had a mass shooting this year, but police said people should always be prepared for the worst and be aware of their surroundings.

“I think everybody needs to worry about it,” said Orem police officer Eric Ahlborn. “We’ve heard on the news of a couple that was in England when the vehicle was running people over. It can happen anywhere. It may not just happen in Happy Valley, but it may happen to somebody here.”

Filming of the active shooter video wrapped up this past weekend, and KBYU plans to air it in coming months on its TV series “20-to-Ready.”

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