Taylor Isom bounces back from injuries, plays in national camp

Taylor Isom bounces back from injuries, plays in national camp

PROVO, Utah – Some athletes are fortunate enough to go their whole career without experiencing a major injury, but for one Brigham Young University athlete, that was not the case.

Taylor Isom is a senior captain on the BYU Women’s Soccer team, and thus far has had an excellent career. But her success did not come easily – she had to overcome two major injuries before stepping onto South Field.

In 2012, Isom tore her ACL, making her red shirt her freshman year. One week after the doctor’s declared her healthy to start playing again, she tore her ACL again in the same knee, meaning she had to red shirt her sophomore year.

Isom said the second tear was the hardest to bounce back from.

“I didn’t know if I was going to play soccer again,” she said. “I remember telling my dad that I didn’t want to play soccer anymore.”

But after thinking about how far she had come to play at BYU, she decided to fight back.

“I had a childhood dream to play  and I had never accomplished that dream so I (thought) ‘I have to do it,'” she said.

Coach Jennifer Rockwood was very impressed with Isom’s performance this past season.

“Certainly the way she played last year, she caught a lot of people’s eyes,” Rockwell said.

A few weeks ago, the U-23 National Coaching Staff reached out to her and invited her to attend national camp. This camp was held in Portland, Oregon. Only 22 athletes across the country were invited to the camp.

“I felt like it was a dream,” Isom said.

At the camp, USA played the professional team Houston Dash. Isom was in the starting line-up for the match.

“My heart like honestly started fluttering. When I saw my name, Isom #2,  I (thought) ‘What in the world?'” she said.

But Isom didn’t let her nerves get the best of her. She said she pretended like she’d been there before, and she felt good about her performance.

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