Volleyball’s Ben Patch Back in Action

Volleyball’s Ben Patch Back in Action

PROVO, Utah – Brigham Young University volleyball player Ben Patch subbed into the March 24 game against Long Beach State at the most crucial part of the match. This came as a surprise not only to those watching, but also to Patch himself.

“(I was) really really nervous, I wasn’t really expecting to go back in,” he said.

This was Patch’s first time playing in a game in six weeks. The Cougars only needed one more point to win at the time that Patch subbed in.

Patch said ultimately he was excited to play.

“I was honestly just stoked because prior to that game I only practiced once for 20 minutes,” he said.

Many spectators wondered why Head Coach Shawn Olmstead decided to put Patch in when they were only one play away from winning the game. Olmstead said that he and the rest of the coaching staff simply decided they needed more attackers.

“A lot of people think that it had something to do with Ben coming back or finally being able to play, and (that’s) not (the case) at all. We needed 1-point side out and (to) be able to get that point,” he said.

The Smith Fieldhouse was packed for both matches against Long Beach State, and Patch said the fans’ energy was amazing.

“Receiving energy from an outside source is the most insane, euphoric feeling,” he said.

Even though Patch got some game time, his groin injury is still limiting what he can do.

“I practice for only 45 minutes a day,” he said.

However, Patch said he is confident that by the April 6 game against Santa Barbara, he will be ready to go.

“Santa Barbara is definitely go time,” he said.

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