Family fights Santaquin city council over dog death sentence

Family fights Santaquin city council over dog death sentence

SANTAQUIN, UT – The Bray family continues their battle with Santaquin city officials to stop the courts from forcing them to put down their Australian Shepherd, Dexter.

Lindsy Bray, the mother of the family, said that last October she and her family were visiting a zoo when they received several calls from neighbors that police had surrounded the Brays’ home. Police told Bray that Dexter had escaped from the fully fenced backyard and bit a neighborhood girl.

According to officials, the girl who was supposedly bitten had a white mark on the back of her leg, no bite marks, broken skin or blood was evident. The Brays believe Dexter was attempting to play with the girl, but the local court ordered the family to euthanize their pet within five days.

Bray has appealed the court order, and hopes that her family will be shown leniency. “There’s been nothing else that would lead me to believe that he’s vicious in any way.  He plays with the neighbor kids, they tackle him, and he’s never had any kind of problem,” said Bray.

The current Santaquin City law says that a vicious dog is any dog that has “bitten, clawed, attacked, chased, harassed… or worried a person without provocation.”  Bray believes this law is too broad and is proposing a new ordinance to the city council that would allow judges to determine the definition of a vicious dog on a case by case basis.  The vote on the new ordinance will take place on June 7.

Bray feels the council will vote against her proposal, but told Santaquin city mayor that she will not stop fighting for her pet, and that she is willing to take the case to Appellate courts.

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