Gender non-binary candidate running for Provo mayor

Gender non-binary candidate running for Provo mayor

PROVO, UT – A BYU graduate who identifies as gender non-binary has recently announced his intention to run for the mayor’s office in Provo.

27-year-old Stephen Cope’s platform focuses heavily on expanding public transportation, providing affordable housing and representing minorities in local government. despite a lack of political experience, Cope hopes that by running for mayor he can set an example of political involvement for young Provo residents.

Cope stated that he is “less interested in winning than I am in… the people of Provo having their needs heard and met.” Cope also explained that his goal is to make Provo “a home for everyone.”

Despite some criticism regarding his political experience and gender representation, Cope states that people are excited to see someone so young and from the LGBTQ community running for public office.

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