Local musicians use social media to build fanbase

Local musicians use social media to build fanbase

PROVO, UT – Local musicians have found a new way to build their reputation through social media: by following you.

Aubree Liz Schill has been making music  for more than four years,  and uses YouTube, Instagram and Facebook to build her brand. “I feel like you have to be really good at networking if you don’t use social media,” Schill stated. “It’s still all about who you know and who you meet.”

Social media platforms not only help people connect with one another, but also serve as a cost-free way for local entertainers to promote their music.

Many local artists run their own social networking pages because they feel it makes them more personable. “You can be everywhere and nowhere at the same time,” said Ben Arevalo, a member of Orem-based duo Morningrise Drive.

By incorporating new social media platforms to connect with others musicians adapt to a growing, changing culture.  They advise prospective musicians to follow as many people as you can on social media, post content often, and use the right hashtags.

Both Schill and Morningrise Drive can be found on Instagram (@aubreelizmusic; @morningrisedrive), Facebook (Aubree Liz Music; Morningrise Drive), and
YouTube (Aubree Liz Music; Morningrise Drive).

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