New Utah restaurant and bar law leaves many confused

New Utah restaurant and bar law leaves many confused

PROVO, UT – A new law requiring restaurants and bars to distinguish exactly what kind of establishment they are left many in confusion recently.

Part of this alcohol reform calls for restaurants and bars to have an easily visible 8.5 x 11 inch sign stating whether they are a restaurant or a bar. According to legislation, the signs in bars must include the phrase, “This premise is licensed as a bar. Not a restaurant,” while restaurants must post the exact opposite.

Many people in Provo had not heard of the new law, and those that had say they’re not quite sure why it’s needed.

Deanna Lee, a homeowner in Provo, said about the new law, “I think the average person knows the difference and probably don’t need a sign to inform them of that.” Lee said she believes overall the reform is good, but the execution didn’t quite hit the mark.

With there only being phrase and size requirements, people online are taking advantage of the lack of guidelines. From using fonts like word art to wingdings, local residents on Twitter offered some excellent suggestions for bar and restaurant owners.

The previous law did not allow restaurants to mix drinks or have alcohol visible to the public. With these signs, restaurants no longer have to follow those guidelines.

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