Provo restaurant offers new treat in time for summer

Provo restaurant offers new treat in time for summer

PROVO, UT – Koi Express, a new Provo restaurant, say they are the only restaurant in Provo to offer the unique Hong Kong waffle cone.

The treat, which is commonly sold by street vendors in Hong Kong and New York, has proven to be popular among Provo residents. Koi Express customers have shared pictures of the sugary sensation on their social media, drawing more attention to the restaurant.

Koi Express owner Nate Sanjdorj stated regarding the dessert, “We make it from scratch so it’s really hot and we just put the ice cream, scoop it in and then put the caramel, hot chocolate, all kinds of dressings.” Sandjorj also noted that many customers come into the shop just to order the waffle cone.

Koi Express is located at 1283 North University Avenue in Provo, and has become well-known for its sushi wraps and ramen, as well as the Hong Kong waffle cone.

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