Provo River levels lower, but still dangerous

Provo River levels lower, but still dangerous

PROVO, UT – The Provo River has calmed down from last week’s flood level, but waters may still be dangerous.

At 8.4 feet, The river is currently two feet below flood level, but officials and local residents still warn of high, cold, and swift water today through next Thursday.

“I would definitely recommend, if you’re here with your family or kids or anything like that, that you keep them away from the water,” stated park visitor Joseph Crapo. “[The water] will be pretty dangerous. It’s going really fast right now.”

Two weeks ago, the Provo Water Users Association widened the gates of Deer Creek Dam in preparation for the Spring snowmelt, leading to the current flooding.

Officials warn visitors to be cautious around the swift waters during Memorial Day Weekend.

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