Utah encourages opioid awareness in prescription medications

Utah encourages opioid awareness in prescription medications

PROVO, UT – The Utah Department of Health is spreading awareness on risky drugs by launching a campaign against opioid abuse.

The Department of Health has reported the rate of opioids prescribed to patients has increased by 30 percent in the last decade. In 2015, three hundred people died from prescribed painkillers. To combat this, Utah pharmacists are now required to place red stickers on any prescription that contain opioids.

BYU students feel like the campaign has been successful so far. “The red sticker will help people to be more aware of what they are taking,” said BYU student Anna Rogers. “It also has the potential to help lessesn the amount of people who are dependent on opioids”.

Utah health officials are hopeful that the opioid warnings will prompt patients to ask their doctors about their medicine, and will encourage them to be cautious.

Patients are encouraged to talk to their pharmacists regarding the proper consumption and dosage for their medication, in order to remain safe.

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