BYU Ballroom Dancers return from South American tour

BYU Ballroom Dancers return from South American tour

PROVO – The BYU Ballroom team has returned home from their tour of South America, where they celebrated Latin culture through dance and service.

The Ballroom team has had an annual tour since the early eighties, but this was the first time they traveled to an area known for Latin dancing. The team was grateful for the interaction they were able to have with locals. The ballroom company performed for locals, and in return, the locals often performed for them.

The dance company also found ways to use their talents to benefit the people of Chile and Argentina. Ballroom team member Steward Morley stated that “any of the proceeds made from the shows were to benefit a local charity.”

One of these charities, Coaniquem, is an organization that helps rehabilitate children suffering from burn injuries. Other proceeds went to South American food banks and other care coalitions.

BYU ballroom team director Curt Holman said he felt the tour was a great way for students to present a little something they love to those who may not have a whole lot. Holman and Morley felt it was a beneficial experience, not only for the people of Argentina and Chile, but for the team as well.

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