BYU student running for Provo City Council

BYU student running for Provo City Council

PROVO – Local BYU student Tinesha Zandamela has announced her intentions to run for Provo City Council, and hopes to bring representation to Provo’s younger population.

When Zandamela heard current city council representative David Harding was running unopposed, she felt this was her opportunity to step up. Zandamela says she wants to represent a part of Provo that she feels is currently overlooked.

“There’s a lot of young people in Provo who are not just students,” Zandamela stated. “[I want to bring] a different perspective, [not only] coming from a young person, but also as a racial minority.”

Some issues Zandamela hopes to adress include affordable housing for students and the homless. She would also like to make streets more pedestrian and bike friendly.

David Harding and Tinesha Zandamela are the only candidates for district 5 city council. They will go straight on to the general election in November.


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