Community day of prayer focuses on refugees

Community day of prayer focuses on refugees

OREM – Orem City’s Summerfest is about halfway through already, and an event this week helped bring people of all backgrounds and religions come together.

Utah Valley residents gathered together for the second annual Community Day of Prayer and walked away moved and motivated. The service included music performed by local choirs, and prayers by different religious leaders. Mustapha el Akkari, a representative from the Utah Valley Islamic Center, read passages from the Quran, others from the Bible.

Judge Lynn Davis stated, “The best thing, in my estimation, is to allow individuals of different beliefs and different faiths to come together and to be united and to have common purpose.

“The focus was really about living the golden rule,” said Steve Shallenberger.

People we talked to say they left uplifted, but their favorite part was the message guest speaker Liz Shropshire gave on helping refugees.

Shropshire runs an organization called “Teaching Children Peace”.  The nonprofit teaches music to refugee children in countries abroad, including Kosovo, Ireland and Greece.

“My main goal for tonight was to talk about the importance of everyone getting involved and every ne has the power to be a peacemaker,” said Shropshire.

Shropshire’s words not only touched hearts, they motivated some to act.

“While she was speaking, I sent a text to my friend in Kosovo,” el Akkari said. “I think I’ll be booking a flight there in six weeks.”
Shropshire encourages everyone to become involved in the refugee cause. Whether in families, communities or church groups, she said there is power in just one person.

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