Foothills parking permit plan sent back to the people

Foothills parking permit plan sent back to the people

PROVO – Provo residents living in the Foothills neighborhood are back to the drawing board on their parking permit plan following last night’s city council meeting.

Robin Myrick has lived in Foothills for 18 years, and says that he’s seen parking issues get progressively worse over time. People who want to dodge paying for parking at the nearby Seven Peaks water park fill up the parking on Myrick’s street. Additionally, a nearby apartment complex and a Boys and Girls club have begun taking up more parking. With these three factors, Myrick says street parking is a hassle.

“We were putting up construction cones down the block, so that our families and friends would have a place to park,” Myrick stated. “My children would come, and they’d have to go around, park around the corner to come, to visit us. And so it just wasn’t acceptable anymore.”

Myrick eventually decided to send a petition around proposing parking by permit only. He says 44 out of his 61 neighbors signed it. The new law would let each household have two permits for parking on the street.

Tuesday’s city council meeting gave the neighbors a chance to discuss the matter. The neighborhood couldn’t agree on a permit plan, so the council sent the plan back to the homeowners to work together to reach their own consensus.

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