Former BYU basketball player providing relief aid

Former BYU basketball player providing relief aid

PROVO – Former BYU basketball player Travis Hansen is on a mission to help children around the world through humanitarian aid and support.

Hansen, who played for BYU from 2000-03, was inspired to act for the better while playing basketball in Russia. After witnessing run-down orphanages, Hansen and his wife founded the Sunshine Heroes Foundation.

“We love kids, we’ve got four of them and one on the way. We want to protect them, Hansen stated. “We wanna do whatever we can to help them, take care of them, give them every opportunity to be healthy and successful.”

Since its founding, the Hansens have used their foundation to provide thousands of people access to clean water, healthcare, and educational opportunities. Additionally, the Sunshine Heroes Foundation has funded over 30 like-saving surgeries in Russia, and Hansen’s sister company, Tesani, has provided investments for people trapped in poverty.

BYU recently awarded Hansen the Young Alumni Distinguished Service Award for his humanitarian efforts. More information can be found at Sunshine Heroes’ website.

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