Local STEM programs inspiring creativity among teens

Local STEM programs inspiring creativity among teens

UTAH – Utah State University is working with a number of Utah libraries to give kids hands-on science experience through summer STEM camps.

This week, teens in Herriman gathered for a two day STEM camp focused on the basics of engineering. Junk Drawer Robotics (the name of the camp) gives attendees the opportunity to build contraptions using only their imaginations and household items.

“These STEM camps in particular are for kids, they’re run all over the Salt Lake County library system,” said camp coordinator Melissa Ivie. “They’re meant to teach science, technology, engineering and mathematics, which is what the acronym STEM stands for.”

Over the course of the camp, teens were given the opportunity to build catapults and crossbows. Some attendees hope that the experience will help bolster their college applications, as well as their creativity.

Ivie hopes that more kids will begin engaging in STEM programs, and hopes to inspire a younger generation to be more analytical and creative. STEM camps can be found across the state at multiple universities. For more information, check out their website.

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