Orem Mayor announces intentions for re-election

Orem Mayor announces intentions for re-election

OREM – Orem Mayor Richard Brunst officially announced his plans to run re-election at a recent campaign dinner.

Business owners, City Council members, and Utah Governor Gary Herbert joined the mayor at Tucanos for the announcement that Brunst will run again for the mayorship.

Brunst stated that since he’s been in office, new stores have opened up in University Mall and on State Street, and have done well financially. A major concern Brunst wants to solve is Orem’s high-density living issue.

“Certainly we need more housing in the city, but we’re trying to look at what makes sense and the right way to do it,” Brunst stated. “We want to keep our neighborhoods as family-oriented neighborhoods where it’s peaceful, where it’s quiet”.

Brunst also said he addressed high-density concerns in 2014, by requesting a law to slow down the growth of apartment complexes. The city council passed the ruling and it continues to be in effect today.

Mayor Brunst also said that he values small business expansion, and wants to invite large corporations to find a home in Orem. In his words, Brunst believes the city is “very vibrant, very alive, and good things are happening.”

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