Public tours announced for Missionary Training Center

Public tours announced for Missionary Training Center

PROVO – The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has announced that guided tours of the Missionary Training Center next month following the construction of a new addition to the complex.

The new building stands six stories high, and houses dozens of classrooms, meeting areas,and personal study rooms. The MTC  accommodates 3,700 missionaries in training, and the new addition will improve landscaping and enhance living areas.

“The colors are really bright so it just makes you feel happy when you’re in there, Stated BYU Student Adam Mitchell, who helped clean the building after construction. “There’s also cool quotes on the wall, like scriptures and stuff to motivate you.”

LDS church president Thomas S. Monson first announced plans to expand the missionary training center back in 2014. The facility is normally closed to the public, but the upcoming tour is open to all. Though it does require a ticket, the cost is free. The open house for the general public begins July 31st, and will run through August 19th.

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