PulsePoint app now available to Utah County residents

PulsePoint app now available to Utah County residents

UTAH COUNTY – A new emergency response app is ready for anybody who lives in Utah County to download and potentially become a local hero.

PulsePoint is connected to your local emergency dispatch center, and alerts users to emergency situations nearby. PulsePoint users are then given directions to the scene, where they can begin CPR before professional emergency responders arrive.

“We have our average response times which are between 4 and 8 minutes and so we really can’t affect that. So if we can get CPR started a lot earlier, as a community, we can get people back a lot easier, ” Lehi Fire paramedic Bronson Smith stated.  Smith continued, saying that it makes a paramedic’s job easier if a victim is already breathing instead of “on the edge of life” by the time paramedics arrive.

PulsePoint has more than 300 users in Utah County.  The app includes features such as how-to refresher instructions on CPR and AED (portable defibrillator) operation. Local emergency personnel can send out other alerts as well.
Smith said that it takes the whole community, in terms of downloading the app and responding to emergencies, to make the program work.  The Lehi Fire Department piloted the program before it launched, and Mountain Point Medical center is providing the funds to keep the network running in Utah County.
PulsePoint is free to download, and available for iPhone and Android devices.
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