SLC Pride festival fosters unity, love for all

SLC Pride festival fosters unity, love for all

SALT LAKE CITY – Thousands gathered over the weekend to participate in Salt Lake City’s Pride Festival.

The first Pride Festival, which focuses on the LGBTQ community, took place in Salt Lake City more than 40 years ago. Attendance started in the low hundreds, but this last weekend tens of thousands of individuals came to show their love and support of each other.

People from all walks of life came to see the sights and participate in various activities the three-day long event offers. Individuals in attendance said they feel loved at the event.

“We love people. We love meeting people. We love having fun. We believe in this cause. We believe in Pride. We believe people should be able to be exactly who they are,” said Kenny, one individual in attendance.

The event included parades, dances, live music, booths of merchandise, and much more. Festival participants said they enjoyed the spirit of equality the festival offered.

Although the Pride Festival has ended, participants said the feelings of community the event fostered will stay with them.

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