Study shows large gender gap in depression rates

Study shows large gender gap in depression rates

PROVO – A recent study shows that there is a wide divide between teen girls and boys who suffer from depression.

The study found that more than one third of girls have had depression by the time they are 17; whereas, only a little over one tenth of boys had.

Psychologist Melissa Jones said there could be many different reasons why girls show higher rates of depression. One of these reasons could involve anger.

“Sometimes for women, and especially for young girls, we are socialized to be nice and good and not express that anger in a really direct way,” Jones stated. “So, that anger towards the world can be shifted towards themselves and result in depression.”

Jones said sometimes symptoms of depression in children and teens are overlooked, and  can include moodiness, sleeping more than normal, or insomnia. These signs can show up as  in children as young as 10 or 11, and should not be ignored.

For anyone who thinks their children may be depressed, Doctor Jones said pediatricians can help. Doctors can screen kids for depression, and direct parents on what to do next.

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