Summer ghost tours shake up Provo dating

Summer ghost tours shake up Provo dating

PROVO – Pedal Provo offers its customers the chance to go on ghost tours throughout the summer months. The twist, however, is that these tours are conducted on bike.

Derek Jacobs founded Pedal Provo last year to try and vamp up the dating scene. “[I wanted] something out of the ordinary. Something different than just ice cream,” Jacobs said. “The nickel arcade, bowling, those things got old really quickly. So I thought, how could I make a better date?”

Jacobs’ answer came by combining two of his interests with Provo history. “I combined my love of cycling with my love of ghosts. I decided to take people around Provo and share with them how old and how haunted the city really is.”

The tour begins at the Provo cemetery, and at each stop, Jacobs tells a true ghost story. When asked where he gets his stories, Jacobs said, “I find a lot of my ghost stories from reading the fifteenth page of Google. I call it ‘the mysterious beyond’. No one really goes there.”

Although some customers weren’t frightened, they still enjoyed their tour. “Most of the time I was laughing pretty hard. I did think the stories were pretty cool and I had a good time with my friends,” shared Katie Bullock, one individual who went on the tour.

Jacobs offers tours every Friday and Saturday night until the second week of November.

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