Utah County sues Provo over parking problems

Utah County sues Provo over parking problems

PROVO – The Utah Valley Convention Center has been hit with many complaints from their guests simply wondering, where is the parking?

Utah County filed a lawsuit on may 31st claiming Provo failed to provide adequate parking it promised in an agreement made in 2009. Utah county states the lack of parking is resulting in a loss of revenue for the convention center, and damage to the county’s reputation.

Provo City officials say they believe they have met their agreement to provide 350 parking stalls. The parking is within walking distance of the convention center and is shared by other businesses.

“I just kept circling the block looking for a parking spot, one guest stated. “I was very surprised that, at this large of an event, that there is not more parking or a parking garage.”

Utah County is requesting Provo pay at least four million to cover the cost it would take to provide the necessary parking spaces. Provo  has one more week to respond to the lawsuit.

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