Utah support group helps teens fight depression

Utah support group helps teens fight depression

UTAH VALLEY – The teenage years are a difficult time for some people, and coupling that with depression can make it even harder. The Reach Program offers a support group for teens struggling with depression and suicide.

Reach is a non-profit organization that offers services and activities for children and teens who are victims of abuse, neglect, depression and suicide. Founder Angela Gilbert recently started teen support classes for 12 to 17-year-olds, which help students deal with emotions and suicidal tendencies caused by depression.

The agenda for these classes differs from traditional therapy. Teens are encouraged to interact with each other on social media, and attend a weekly class taught by a local therapist or social worker. Additionally,  Gilbert said she wants to teach teens that balance can be found in the outdoors.

“I want them to enjoy life and know that there is hope and there is laughter and there is love and there’s celebration.  Because that’s what they’re missing right now,” said Gilbert.

The new program is showing optimistic results.  Parents say the changes they’ve seen in their kids is like “night and day,” said Gilbert.

The Reach Program offers free suicide prevention classes to the public and volunteer opportunities at the Salt Lake County Youth Homes. More information is available on their website, as well as their Facebook page.

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