Wheelchair-bound student excels in cross-country, track

Wheelchair-bound student excels in cross-country, track

OREM – Despite physical limitations, an Orem High School student has been given the opportunity to participate in cross country and track.

Ethan Christian is the only student at Orem High permanently confined to a wheelchair, but that didn’t stop him from competing in cross country and track teams during his sophomore year.

Ethan’s Life Skills teacher, Marie Glahn, worked with the charity organization Run On, which helps students in wheelchairs race on their high school track teams.

Most of Ethan’s success is attributed to fellow student and teammate Alexis Delgado, who had never run cross country before. Delgado stated, “I just felt like I needed to do it… I just felt I want to help him out.”

Sarah Green, Ethan’s mother, was impressed by Delgado’s willingness to run, and said it was definitely a labor of love.

Glahn says Ethan is known for being a class clown and is making a positive impact on everyone around him.  She said a lot of her students are wanting to try new things because “Ethan has kind of paved the way for them.”

“He [Ethan] just loves it,” Green stated. “He talks about it everyday.”

Ethan is already signed up to participate in track and cross country this coming school year, and is excited to participate in the coming season.

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