BYU professor leads campus foraging tour

BYU professor leads campus foraging tour

Tom Smith is a professor on the Wildlife and Wildlands faculty at Brigham Young University.

On Oct. 7, he led a tour around campus to show participants that food is all around them – in the form of walnuts, rose hips, prickly pears and even a few unknowns.

The main reason Smith shows these plants to participants is to help them remember how our forefathers found food.

“It is a return to our roots,” Smith said.

Sue Lau, an avid berry picker, was one of the tour participants. Before the tour, she believed there were more poisonous plants in Utah, but she doesn’t believe that anymore.

“He told us that there are very few plants that we can’t eat,” Lau said.

Smith urges students walking around campus to look around and enjoy the food that is free for the picking.

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