Family remembers young daughter lost to type 1 diabetes

Family remembers young daughter lost to type 1 diabetes

Oct. 11 is Kycie Jai Terry’s 8th birthday. While she isn’t physically here to celebrate, her family knows a celebration is just what she would want. So that’s what they do – celebrate her short-lived yet long lasting life.

Kycie Terry was your typical 5-year-old girl: happy, full of energy and absolutely adorable. But things took a turn for the worst in Jan. 2015 when Kycie started complaining of stomach pains.

She was originally diagnosed with strep throat, but just two days later, the Terry family got different news.

“We took her to the ER,” Kycie’s father Josh Terry said. “There they assumed it was (type 1 diabetes). Her blood sugar was 1148, when normal is about 100. And so they decided to life flight Kycie to Primary Children’s in Salt Lake. After they landed in Salt Lake, on the way to Primary Children’s, in the ambulance, Kycie had a seizure. We just asked them to pray for Kycie to get better.”

Two days after being diagnosed, an MRI confirmed that Kycie’s brain had herniated, causing brain damage.

While Kycie had many unexpected victories, including being able to finally come home after 111 days, she was ultimately called to her heavenly home on the morning of July 11th, 2015.

Since that tragic day, Josh and Jamie Terry have been raising awareness for the disease that claimed the life of their daughter by posting the signs and symptoms of type 1 diabetes.

Janelle Taylor, the parent of a recently diagnosed type 1 diabetic, said she’s so grateful to the Terry’s for the way they’ve spread awareness.

“I really do think (my child’s diagnosis is)… because of Kycie and her story, it’s out there. It was there in my mind,” she said.

The Terry’s also do giveaways each year for Kycie’s birthday, and this year, they did eight days of giveaways for Kycie’s eighth birthday.

The Terry family said they’re proud of who Kycie was and who she continues to be. They also said her story has only begun to touch the lives of those around her.

“It’s super humbling,” Jamie Terry said. “I think it makes you realize that Kycie had such a big mission here on earth. I don’t think we truly knew who she was.”

The family thinks about Kycie often and said they aren’t afraid to talk about her because she’s still a big part of their lives – and so is her coined phrase “Love you mostest infinity!”

The Terry’s said they always try to make Kycie’s birthday a happy day because that’s what she would want.

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