2007 recession causing current Christmas tree shortages

2007 recession causing current Christmas tree shortages

The National Christmas Tree Association says 77 percent of people who get real Christmas trees like them pre-cut, and 23 percent prefer to cut the tree down themselves. So if you’re planning to purchase a live tree this holiday season, don’t procrastinate.

Russell Frederico, owner of Frederico’s Christmas Trees, said growing Christmas trees can be challenging

“Fighting insects, fighting lots of different problems, even heat. Sometimes it gets too hot, and sometimes the trees burn,” Frederico said.

Frederico doesn’t personally grow the trees he sells, and he said this year, it was hard to find trees to buy.

“During the start of the recession, there was a glut of trees. There was over supply, so a lot of the growers didn’t plant any trees for several years,”he said.”So what happened was we had a shortage. I’ve had to buy from four different growers this year just to meet the needs that I needed for my trees.”

It typically takes 10 years to grow an eight foot Christmas tree. Since the recession happened 10 years ago in 2007, don’t be surprised when Christmas tree prices are much higher and the supply much lower.

Frederico said fires and droughts don’t have anything to do with the shortage of trees. It’s all about the supply and demand. The farmers simply stopped growing them.

Due to the shortage, Christmas tree prices this year have increased.

“I’m faced with about a 36 percent increase in pricing from this year from last year. It’s probably been well over a 50% increase over the past couple of years,” Frederico said.

The prices are rising, but people still love buying.

“The Christmas trees last forever. It’s unique and nobody else has it and it lasts for a long time freshness-wise. It smells so wonderful too, and they are just wonderful trees to have in your house,” said Scott Morrison, a local Christmas tree shopper.

“Everything’s gone up from shipping to the cost of the trees, labor, the products that I sell. I’s just the reality of a good economy, I guess,” Frederico said.

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