Two Sisters Teaching New, High Energy Workout

Two Sisters Teaching New, High Energy Workout

Staying motivated to be fit isn’t always easy, but the right workout and instructors make all the difference. A new workout taught by two sisters in Salt Lake is focusing on high energy. It’s a workout craze that’s redefining fitness.

It’s called High Fitness, and since 2013, people like sisters Amy Johnson and Shawna Wilson can’t stay away. Shawna says, “In the workout itself, you don’t realize how hard your working because it’s so fun.”

When they first tried the workout, they said “It was hard, but we kept coming back. We were like, ‘why do we love it so much?’…It’s just addicting.”

High Fitness is choreographed interval training to music everyone knows and loves. Johnson and Wilson loved the fun atmosphere, music, and confidence it gave them, so they decided to become instructors.

In just a year and a half, they’ve gained almost 2,000 followers on social media. They also teach nearly 100 students a week. But as their class size has grown, their original goal hasn’t changed. Their passion is contagious and their students say it makes all the difference.

For Britnee, one of their students, their class has given her the confidence to keep fighting when life gets hard.  She said, “At a time when I was struggling with depression and anxiety, I had the motivation to make myself better internally and externally.”

Each class, Amy and Shawna plan their playlist with songs they hope will inspire their students to keep pushing through the hard moment. But this class was more special than most. “Today is November 4th, and my dad passed away on November 4th. It’s been 8 years.”

Their father unexpectedly passed away from the swine flu epidemic, and they made this class’s playlist with him in mind.

“I think [“We Will Rock You”], no matter what, will always make us think of him. It’s just something that reminds us of him, and it’s like he’s there. We know he is proud of us and what we’ve accomplished, and I know he would love to be at that class.”

Although it was difficult, their family found a way to stay positive through the hard time. Now, they are using High to help others rise above adversity.

“The things we’ve had to go through as a family…we’ve come a long way. It can either tear you down, or you can find strength in what you didn’t know you had.”

That’s the message they hope others find for themselves in every class. “I hope our students and my girls realize you are perfect the way you are. Just be the best you.”

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