Utah’s “Dirty Soda” War Comes to an End

Utah’s “Dirty Soda” War Comes to an End

Provo — It’s one of the biggest debates between soda lovers in Utah: Team Swig or Team Sodalicious.

It’s not uncommon to see students on BYU campus walking around with foam cups from Sodalicious or Swig, and customers to both shops are die hard fans of both brands.

But the rivalry went beyond customers when Swig filed a lawsuit against Sodalicious in April of 2015. Swig claimed Sodalicious was profiting off a near exact knock off of their product, specifically the use of the term “dirty,” which is used to describe drinks with additional mix-ins.

“Our ‘Dirty Soda’ means that we put coconut flavor into our soda,” said Provo Swig Manager Emily.

Sodalicious filed a counter-suit in response, saying their use of dirty was different because they used heavy cream instead of coconut. The company demanded that Swig drop its “Dirty Soda” trademark.

The lawsuit sparked a debate among customers who took to social media to declare their allegiance with #teamsodalicious or #teamswig.

But in an agreement filed Wednesday, the two companies made the decision to settle the case with each paying its own attorney fees and putting the case to a close, leaving the rivalry to customers to debate.

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