Young woman assaulted near Rock Canyon trail

Young woman assaulted near Rock Canyon trail

“After she started up the trail with friends, she decided she would double back and use the restroom before getting too far into her hike and she was confronted by an armed man in the restroom,” said Lieutenant Brian Taylor, Public Information Officer for the Police Department.

He had a knife.

“That person brandished the knife at her, assaulted her, held it against her and attempted to commit a robbery demanding money from her,” continued Lieutenant Taylor.

But when she didn’t have any money, he tried to sexually assault her.

“There were some contact offenses, he ordered her to begin disrobing, he touched her with his hand, we’re told,” said Lieutenant Taylor.

But while he was doing this, she had a plan of her own.

“She had the presence of mind to surreptitiously dial her cell phone and call one of her hiking companions,” said Lieutenant Taylor.

That friend came to her rescue. The two girls were able to describe the attacker and police created a sketch. That sketch was published along with a physical description of the man on Friday.

Not long after the information was released, Provo Police were able to find and arrest 34-year-old Wane Ray Leas Jr.

“He is charged with attempted robbery and sexual assault, first and second degree felonies, and he is being held at the Utah County Jail,” said Lieutenant Taylor.

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