Christkindlmarkt brings taste of Germany to SLC

Christkindlmarkt brings taste of Germany to SLC

SALT LAKE CITY- You don’t have to fly to Europe to experience a German Christmas – now there’s a German Christmas market in the heart of Salt Lake City.

After visiting Germany with her family, Salt Lake native Allyson Chard brought German Christmas traditions to This Is The Place Heritage Park.

“It just keeps growing and growing and growing. The vendors love it, the people love it.It’s just been a fabulous event,” Chard said.

The market has been running for six years. It’s purpose is to bring the community closer together while trying to encourage children to serve in the community.

“We try to make it a magical experience so when people come, they walk, they walk and they smell something, they hear something, they feel something, they see something that just speaks magic to them, that speaks Christmas to them,” Chard said.

“It’s been wonderful,” market visitor Keaton Forsey said. “There’s lots of cool and fun activities to do. Different types of food, different types of areas and places to visit.”

The Christkindlmarkt is run by a group of non-profit volunteers who prefer to call it the Christ-kindl-markt (like “kind”) to emphasize more kindness in the community.

“We’re all volunteers, it’s a non-for-profit, and I think we’re just a group of people really committed to trying to bring something really great to the community,” Chard said.

The market is free to the public and is open until December 2 from 11 a.m.-8 p.m.

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