LDS Church uses Light the World Campaign to aid Humanitarian Efforts

LDS Church uses Light the World Campaign to aid Humanitarian Efforts

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is using their Christmas campaign to help underprivileged people.

The Church’s Light the World initiative invites members and nonmembers alike to perform some type of service for someone else. It runs from Dec. 1 through Christmas Day. The Church hopes people will find things principle-based and make a difference in the world.

As part of the initiative this year, the Church introduced the Light the World vending machines, which allow people to buy donations fro anything from socks to clean water to chickens. The money from the vending machine purchases are then sent to one of the Church’s partner organizations, where they will distribute the donations to people in need.

“So typically a vending machine you go in, you put your money in and you receive something in return,” said Steven King, the Church’s manager of media production for the missionary department. “In this case, you put your money in, punch the numbers and something will happen that will allow someone else to be benefited by that kindness, that donation which you’ve just made.”

Tracie Taylor and her kids came to Salt Lake from San Diego. She and her children said they are beyond grateful for the opportunity to donate here.

“They’ve been able to pick out an item to donate to other people, so I think it helps them to feel like they’re a part of something a lot bigger in the world,” Taylor said.

The vending machines are only at Temple Square this year, but the Church hopes to put them in other locations in years to come. Visitors can donate until the lights at Temple Square shut off.

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