BYU Men’s Soccer Team Takes National Championship

BYU Men’s Soccer Team Takes National Championship

The men’s soccer team brought home a national championship trophy this season, adding it to BYU’s club team trophy case. Head coach Brandon Gilliam said the victory earned him his first Gatorade bath.

“It was cold, it was very cold,” he said.

But the win was worth it.

“We were playing so well that I knew that they couldn’t catch us. I was just ecstatic at that point,” he said.

Tanner Whitworth was also ecstatic. He claimed the title of MVP by scoring the second and fourth goal in the final game. Whitworth said it was pure emotion and adrenaline after the fourth goal, and they knew they had the game in their pocket.

The team celebrated their victory at the Cheesecake Factory, and Gilliam said they are all excited to take a break.

Gilliam has been with the BYU men’s soccer team in the PDL for the past 15 years, so switching back to club means Gilliam had big plans for the team at the beginning of the season.

“In this, it’s not just about competing but it’s going and winning every single game,” Gilliam said.

The team played a full 2017 PDL season, then surprisingly jumped right into the collegiate club season.

“We finished tryouts on a Wednesday, had a one hour practice on Thursday and we played our first game on a Friday,” Gilliam said.

That was the only game they didn’t win. They tied 1:1 against Utah State, then won 18 straight games after that.


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