About Us

In the news media program students will acquire skills in analytical thinking, lucid writing, and effective interviewing to be able to present a clear and forceful picture of their subject in words and images. To have a broad background, students are encouraged to earn more than 60 percent of their credits in other departments, thereby developing a wide understanding of the world and the processes that make society work. In addition, students will become familiar with methods of writing that effectively reach mass audiences and that portray events and people in satisfying ways. Since a wide range of knowledge is essential within the field, students will study libel law, the process of communication, and such areas as the interaction between the mass media and society today.

Students in the program work with the ElevenNEWS, where they are responsible for Monday through Friday student television newscasts on campus and community cable. The lab contains 20 student work stations with high-tech software and a news set with ParkerVision computer controlled cameras.

The broadcast program and its students have received recognition from national organizations including the National Association of Broadcasters, Hearst Awards Program, and the Society of Professional Journalists.